Sunday, May 3, 2009

Birthday Parties!!!!

We just got back from what seems like every ones birthday celebration! Allie, Trey, York, and Sherri all had a party tonight for their birthdays. I think it is going to get a little crowded once our little one has his birthday also. York is REALLY ready to have him. One minute we are ready to be parents, then the next we realize just how big of a responsibility parenting really is. We are both lucky to have such great role models for raising our child.

Well here is the scoop about the party.
Trey got a 360 razer bike. Really cool thing.
Allie got a little princess baseball bat.
Turns out that Trey liked the bat more at the moment, so Easton took over the bike, Trey took over the bat, and Allie was intent on talking with Dora the Explorer on her toy cell phone. Made me think of Savanna a little about her fixation on cell phones. Kids love them, I see the students at school with them all the time. I confiscate them every once in a while, here them ringing in the hallway.

The party went great, everyone had a good time. Birthday parties are pretty darn fun, especially when you get to see the little kids excitement as they open their gifts. Of course mom couldn't leave easton out, so she got him a present also. She has a big heart, never wanting to leave anyone unhappy.
Don't forget to be checking in on our adventures as parents, who knows maybe we will have a question for you to answer for us.

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  1. Adam and York
    I am so excited for you to take on this adventure of being parents. I know you will do a WONDERFUL job!! It is so great that you have set up this blog. Now I can see what is going on all the time instead of waiting on an update from Jay or Grandma!! Oh and by the way Grandma is going to LOVE LOVE LOVE this!! Good Luck on the Big Day!