Tuesday, September 8, 2009


We’ve had a few new happenings lately! The good news is Davis has slept though the night twice now! Adam and I wake up in the morning running to check on him to make sure everything is ok. It’s wonderful to have a full night of sleep under our belts! On a different note Davis has started teething! Yikes I feel so bad for the little guy –he wants to put everything in his mouth now and the drool never ends!! He has also found his feet and they make wonderful pacifiers! He changes so much every day I just know I’m going to turn around and he is going to be all grown up!


  1. You never knew how good sleep was, huh!! Glad he is starting to sleep through the night, that is a huge step!
    Oh Sammy just looked at Davis's pictures and he said "Davis is so funny!"

  2. YEAH!! That is great news. So happy for you guys! He has changed so much since June when we saw him, he is a doll!! Can't wait to see you guys in a couple months hopefully! Love, Jay, Em, Drew & Tava Gibbs

  3. Isn't it incredible how we treasure SLEEP...Yeah, I'm so glad you both are getting some!! Are yall putting jam between his toe!?! Love the pic's, he is growing up sooo fast!!
    Love yall, mema