Sunday, March 7, 2010


Davis took his first airplane ride last weekend when we flew to Wyoming to meet his new Cousin Kinley. He was such a trooper and flew like an champ! We got to sit next to the window on several of the planes and he loved looking out the window as we took off. On the way out there he wasn't a fan of landing as his tummy was full by then and didn't wan't to take his bottle but by the time we flew back we had the routine down and he did great! Kinley is such a doll and Davis just loved her. He was so fascinated by her and wanted to be close to her as much as he could.

Davis is almost 10 months old now and is busy busy. Or he keeps Adam and I busy anyway. He is the ultimate snoop - finding any thing he can get into - closets, my purse, the drawer under the stove - you name it he has pulled everything out to see what treasures he can find. Some days we wonder what on earth we did with all our time before he came along!!!!

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